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The Trifecta with full sheepskin lining features full panels of Thinline material under the saddle that also provide a pocket for shims.  The sheepskin fleece extends under the saddle for maximum shock absorption.

Thinline Trifecta with Full Sheepskin Lining

SKU: 7023
  • The cotton base design with Ultra ThinLine on top creates a nice wither profile and spine free channel allowing Ultra ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place.

    The Trifecta with full sheepskin lining was developed to give riders the maximum shock absorption of fleece and Thinline together.

    If you need to make corrections to your saddle fit The Trifecta is also shimmable in the Front, Bridging, and Rear to help assist with minor saddle fitting adjustments.

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