Half Chap Magic?  Ok, maybe not actual magic. 

It just seems like we never fix anything these days, we just replace everything.                   

So sometimes I feel like a magician when I can repair a pair of half chaps and make them better than new!  

Did you love your half chaps when you first got them but... 

They have stretched out?   They are just wearing out?  Need new zippers?   Baggy ankles?  Twisting?  Holes?  Zippers fall down?

We can repair and refurbish your existing half chaps!

New Elasic panel

New Elastic panel, re-size and add snap tab.

New Patent leather accent panel.

New zipper, re-size, add crystals

New zipper, re-size, add crystals

These half chaps were too short, so we added a croc top.

Tall Boot magic!...bring your boots back to life!

I love working on tall boots.  It seems like people are always so happy we can restore their

favorite boots and make them better than new!

I am just starting to post photos of what we can fix and add to your tall boots.  There is lots more we can do.  Please contact us with other questions and requests!

Common Repairs and Alterations are:

New laces, patch holes or worn areas, replace snaps, replace zippers, add width when boots are too tight, take the calves in when boots are too loose, add elastic gusset, take in saggy ankles,  add fancy tops, add swarovsky crystals.


The owner of these boots really wanted spur rests and I noticed her spurs were contacting the zipper causing damage.


So we added the zipper guards with spur rests!  The boots will last much longer with the zipper protected and the spur rests work great.  (Sorry about the terrible photos!)


These boots had seen alot of use!

I repaired the elastic gusset and installed a very inexpensive panel to cover the holes and inner calf wear. 



The owner of these boots wasn't using them because the vlecro tab at the top rubbed her leg and they were gappy at the top.  I took in the tops, replaced the velcro with a snap tab and added the patent traiangle for fun!

This is a pair of custom boots that were too small in the calf :(

I added a hidden elastic gusset which creates a perfect fit and will extend the life of the zipper.

These tall boots faded to a sort of greenish colour.  I re-dyed them black, replaced both zippers and replaced the elastic laces. 

Please send questions (with photos!) to

Or call us at 825.510.5599