We've had tons of requests to expand our consignment services so here we go!

​Our goal is to curate a wide variety of good quality items that we can sell quickly for you. We reserve the right to not accept everything that is offered to us. Pricing is based on the current new price of an item, condition, market appeal. 
We currently take:

+ Saddles of course
+ Bridles, girths, martingales, horse boots, reins, etc.
+ Bits
+ Saddle pads in very good condition, half pads.
+ Horse blankets in very good condition.
+ Rding boots, half chaps in very good condition.

We do not take: helmets, horse care items, damaged items.

We keep it simple

Our commission rates are 20% on saddles, 40% on all other items.  We can set the prices on your items with you upon dropoff.  We will never mark down any item without your approval.

​After 60 days if items with us we may contact you to reduce the price, all price reductions will be approved by item owner.

​We prefer to pay consignors with e-transfers whenever possible. Consignor payouts are calculated monthly and payments are sent automatically.  Proceeds from saddle sales are paid immediately upon final sale of the saddle.

Items on consignment can be picked up by the owner with a few days notice. Once and item is picked up they cannot be brought back to consignment again.

Consignment items can be returned for a refund the next business day only.

​All items are sold as is, with no guarantee or warranty.