We are your saddle experts.

With over 15 years of experience in saddle fitting, sales and service we have answers to your questions and solutions to your concerns.  

We are an independent saddle retailer. We carry 10 brands of new saddles, have over 100 used saddles in stock and carry a full selection of accessories. 

Saddle fitting is important, no matter what level you ride at. If you are shopping for a saddle, need adjustments or just have questions we are here to help.

Book a fitting appointment

A saddle fitting appointment should be a regular part of your horsecare program.  We recommend having your saddle checked at minimum every spring and or whenever you suspect your saddle isn't fitting welll

We will take a full set of tracings and assess saddle fit statically on the ground.  You will also be asked to ride to assess saddle fit in motion.  

Shopping for a saddle? We will bring you as many options possible for you to test ride.  

Help us be prepared for your appointment by filling out our intake form on the Contact Us page.

Saddle Services

New saddle Sales.  We can help you find your next saddle.  Whether it is out of stock or a custom order we are your saddle experts.

Consignment saddle sales  We have a very busy consignment department. See out Consignment Services page for more details.

We take trade ins towards new saddle sales.  Trade in saddles are evaluated on case by case basis.  Contact us for more details.

We are able to handle any saddle repair no matter how large or small: Tree adjustments, wool flocking adjustments, complete re-flock, tree repairs and replacement, patching saddle flap and knee pads, billet replacement and more.